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One of our graduates (who took the basic course), was able to land a very good job as an adjuster specializing in content claims after her graduation.

I know, she worked for my firm.  She was doing great and one day I noticed that she was driving a brand new Jeep and looking for a home to purchase.  I considered her an AIS Success story but then all of a sudden, she came into my office to let me know she was leaving the adjusting field.  When I asked her why, she let me know that, while she was content with her hours, her pay and her acceptance as an employee at our firm, she could no longer put up with (1) dishonest insurance companies trying to save money, (2) lying contractors and (3) greedy insureds.

Why would I put such devastating information on a blog?  Obviously, it is in the Adjusters Insurance School’s best interest to paint a rosy picture to obtain more students because, frankly, we have found that we can’t just live on the prayer.  However, sometimes industries do not level with people who are looking for work.  All industries have their issues.  My son in law once told me that if you have a $50,000 job you will put up with $50,000 worth of crap.  If you are making $100,000 you will be putting up with  $100,000 worth of crap.  So let’s get real here.  Yes, there are problems in the insurance adjusting industry but look at what nurses have to put up with.  Or give any sales organization bent on quotas and goals, a look and you will see that sales may not be a field for you even though some people are rocking and rolling in this job.  And, what kind of guts does it take to become a law enforcement officer no matter what the pay?

Judge Judy left the bench where she was a public servant.  Martha Stewart left her job on Wall Street and her stint as a model to move on.  Dr. Phil laments the time when he was a failing family therapist.   Careers are not just for anyone.

I recall that years ago I went to a job search company where, for a fee, they will find you a job.  We were high up in an office building in a major Capital city when he asked me what I wanted to do.  I said, “just about anything”.  His response was to tell me to look out towards the high rise building under construction that you could see from his window.  “Do you see those people working down there on the ground floor”, he asked.  I nodded that I did. “Now”, he said, “do you see that guy up there”?  There in plain view was a man who was hanging on, putting rivets in the large metal girders that were being lowered by a giant crane,  “That guy up there is making almost ten times what the people on the ground are making”, he said.  “And do you know why?  He is doing something that others can’t (or won’t) do.

In the meantime, insurance adjusters do “rebuild lives”.  And maybe, just maybe, you will like it and spend as much time in your job as I have in mine serving as an adjuster.  I love it but yes, things are not always peaches and cream.

If you are like me, sign up for the Adjusters Insurance School today.

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