Importance of Fire Insurance Policy for Home, Office & Factory

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A fire insurance is one such policy in which an individual agrees to pay a certain sum of money to the insurer in exchange to get benefits for the fire losses.

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A fire insurance policy offers the comprehensive security for stocks, business buildings, home, etc. The policy offers financial security by covering losses or damages that may arise due to fire loss or damages.

Some events of fire losses in India –
– April 16, 1990: 70 people were killed when a fire erupted in a shuttle train in Patna.
– August 6, 2001: A fire accident occurred at a private mental asylum in Tamil Nadu.
– January 23, 2004: 49 people were killed and 40 others were injured when a fire started at a marriage hall in Tamil Nadu.
– November 8, 2016: A total 150 shops were gutted after a fire broke out in Jama Masjid area in Delhi.
– May 23, 2017: A major fire destroyed over 50 shops and goods worth crores in Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi.
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Now, let’s understand the importance of a fire insurance policy –

For homeowners:

Your home is your abode of dreams, however, any mishap like fire can arise to destroy the ‘beauty’ of your house. So, it makes sense to go with a fire insurance policy that curtails financial losses due to fire to some extent. Here are some of the advantages of a fire insurance policy for homeowners-

It ensures the cost of damages to the building

It gives replacement cost, which helps a home owner to buy a similar article
It covers replacement cost for the electronic items, like computers, air conditioners, television, etc.
For Office & Factory Owners:
Irrespective of its size, every business needs a fire insurance policy. In every office, the company keeps its important files, documents, and assets. If a fire happens, it will be a great disaster. So, buying a fire insurance policy becomes important which promises to financial guard you against losses or damages. Here are some of the benefits of a fire insurance policy for office & factory owners-

It covers the cost of stocks damaged in fire

In some cases, it gives death benefits to the family of the employee if he/she dies in a fire accident
It gives the replacement or repair cost of the machines in case they are damaged due to fire
Remember, fire accidents are unexpected and destructive. A fire insurance policy gives the financial security for home, furniture, shares, and other business assets. The policy is useful as it gives the price of properties and assets which get damaged due to fire. Hence, having a fire insurance policy is necessary for personal, social, and national sectors.

Case: 1

It was the most memorable day of the lives of Raj and Kavita when they first time entered their own house which was also their first big joint investment after marriage. The excitement of living in ‘own’ home was so big, that they decided to discard all the furniture which they had in their rented apartment. They hired an interior decorator who donned up the entire house with new style. The couple spent around five lakhs in furniture and fixture.

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However, a few days ago, a fire erupted in the house when Kavita forgot to switch off the iron as she was in a hurry to drop her son, Arthav to the school. When she came back, a fire erupted at the ironing table. Though, she was able to douse the flames on time, but not before bed, carpet and dressing table caught fire. Luckily, the couple had bought a fire insurance policy at the time of buying the house and therefore, their insurer came forward to cover their losses. The insurer appointed a surveyor who calculated the total fire loss as Rs 80,000. Thankfully, the couple did not have to incur major financial losses as their fire insurer was there to help pdln can be as well.

Case: 2

Mrs. Anjali Mehta bought a fire insurance policy to insure her fancy shop for Rs 4 lakh. Last year, the shop met with a fire accident due to short-circuit. She immediately called up the police, fire brigade and informed her insurer also. The insurer appointed a surveyor who estimated the loss as Rs 2 lakh and after carefully reviewing the policy document and surveyor’s report, the insurer settled the claim.

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