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Insurance Adjuster Courses

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AIS invites you to take this course, any of the individually categorized modules or purchase the eBooks, to complete or enhance your knowledge of insurance adjusting. Adjusters Insurance School’s online curriculum was developed to provide men and women, like you, the comprehensive knowledge and know-how for securing success in the insurance adjusting field.

AIS offers three ways to take advantage of our insurance adjusting training. First, we offer the course  in 53 individual lessons. Secondly, the course is offered in a collection of several lessons made-up into separate topic modules, and thirdly, the course is offered, for your convenience, in eBook form. Each method contains the identical in-depth, comprehensive information including visual aids, and references. The school lessons and modules contain a highly beneficial, detailed, testing and scoring system.

These courses individually offer the most inclusive online insurance adjusting training programs available anywhere. With over 60 years of experience under our belts, we have built the most effective online training platform in existence; all in the pursuit to assist you to become a consummate insurance adjuster. Choose for yourself which method most fits your time constraints and learning style.


To review the subjects covered in each training method "click on" each title.


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  • This course is advertised as giving a good background in becoming an insurance adjustor and it does. Many schools just teach answers for taking the licensing exam and that's it. AIS taught me to know the business and how to do the job.

    Bruce  Mesa, Arizona
  • This course gave me information I never thought I would use. When the course taught about how to settle a claim involving a minor it didn't mean much until I was confronted with this issue. This course teaches real world solutions.

    Eugene  East Township, New Jersey
  • I work for an insurance company and wanted to move my career forward. I took this course to see what I knew and found many aspects of adjusting I did not know. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional adjuster.

    Joseph   Las Vegas, NV
  • I completed the full Adjusters Insurance School course and received my certificate of completion. I enjoyed the course because I learned hands-on adjuster examples, not just how to pass a test. AIS has been invaluable for securing my career.

    Bill  Poway, California
  • I completed the Adjusters' Insurance School after I had been involved with Claims Adjustment for a short time. The course gave me a more complete understanding of the basic principles of the insurance adjusting industry. Taking the course has greatly increased my knowledge.

    Cathy  Apache Junction, Arizona
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