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FERRY COUNTY, Wash. -- A family is struggling to recover from a devastating house fire that nearly claimed their lives. Now they are left with the overwhelming emotional and financial burden of recovery. Where can they turn? Who is there to offer assistance and comfort? It is the Professional Insurance Adjuster who is first on the scene to immediately begin to put this family’s life back together and start their journey to complete recovery.

Under the Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles ("DOT"), the specific vocational course of instruction offered by this School is: Adjuster: DOT #241-217-010 Documents, measures, and negotiates insured losses.

There are no specific entrance requirements for prospective students to enroll in the course. We prefer students meet the requirements of their resident state's to gain an adjuster's license. For example, different states requirements differ, for instance some states require an applicant to be 18 years or older. Also, either being a resident of the State of which they are applying for licensure, or being a resident of a state which will permit their state residents to act as adjusters in non-resident states. All states require licensees to be of good moral character. Students may enroll at any time during the calendar year .

The course is designed for continuing education. Students may enroll in the entire course, in any of seven modules, or in individual lessons. A compilation of individual course curricula can be provided upon request. Check with your state for information as to the requirements for continuing education.

The Adjuster Insurance School is a subsidiary of ICC, Inc. located in Mesa, Arizona. The school has conducted seminars in various locations which include office facilities at individual companies to whom we would address and at various conference centers. The primary function of the school is : 1) to provide correspondence courses 2) to receive and grade lesson tests 3) post permanent record cards and 4) to return information in the form of a response to each lesson. As such, it is not anticipated that enrollees or applicants would visit the administrative offices.

The student has a limit of ONE (1) YEAR in which to complete the course. The pace at which students wish to proceed is left entirely up to them. It is recommended at least one lesson be submitted every week. However, completed lessons can be submitted at any time .

Although the School does not maintain an active National Placement Department, we sometimes can offer suggestions to assist graduates in good standing to obtain employment. No guarantees in this regard, however, are made. The school furnishes a Certificate of Completion Diploma.

A student must achieve a minimum score of 70% on any and all examinations. Any grade lower than 70% is returned to the student, along with suggestions as to proper study methods and correct interpretation. Each student receives an indication of his or her progress, and each lesson is returned after grading. Progress records and any comments are kept in the student's permanent file at the School. Grades are provided to prospective employers with the student's written permission. A ten (10) question quiz at the end of each lesson, and the final examination consisting of 50 questions and 15 essay questions must be completed.

A student may cancel the contract for the course at any time up to five (5) business days following the student's reception of the first lesson. Any payment, or signed negotiable instrument, will be returned within ten (10) days of receiving the notice of cancellation. However, no refunds will be allowed if the cancellation notice is postmarked or email date is more than eight (8) days after the original delivery.

NON REFUNDABLE/NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTS OR COURSES: Adjusters Insurance School is unable to accept a return or offer a refund on any EBOOK PURCHASE. Due to the technical delivery system, the item is unable to be returned. No refund or return of this type of item  is offered.  If there is a problem in the delivery, contact Adjusters Insurance School  at 480-205-3414 or 800-239-0441

Adjusters Insurance School
605 East McKellips Road
Mesa, Arizona, USA, 85203
Phone: 480-205-3414
Fax: 800-869-1929

  • My aerospace job was a great career until I found myself on the street after budget cutbacks. The Adjusters Insurance School provided me with the intellectual skills that changed my life.

    William G.  Poway, CA
  • My contracting business was wearing me out. After years of lugging carpet rolls my knees were suffering. I'm glad I have my new insurance adjuster career where I can use more of my brain that my brawn.

    Keith W.  Seattle, WA
  • I completed the Adjusters' Insurance School after I had been involved with Claims Adjustment for a short time. The course gave me a more complete understanding of the basic principles of the insurance adjusting industry. Taking the course has greatly increased my knowledge.

    Cathy B.  Apache Junction, AZ
  • I appreciate the opportunity of taking this course. It is simple to learn. The lessons are succinct, easy to understand and provide progressively more interesting study of this fascinating field.

    Kristi  Indianapolis, IN
  • I work for an insurance company and wanted to move my career forward. I took this course to see what I knew and found many aspects of adjusting I did not know. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional adjuster.

    Joseph   Las Vegas, NV
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