Why become An Insurance Adjuster ?

As an INSURANCE ADJUSTER you will help individuals, families, businesses, and entire communities recover from devastating losses by resolving their insurance claims fairly and quickly. With the Adjusters Insurance School Courses, you will be in demand to handle auto, property and liability insurance claims.You will earn an ample average yearly wage which often comes with a car and other benefits. By applying yourself and with commitment, you can become one of many successful adjusters securing a lucrative six figure income. You will also benefit from a flexible schedule and advancement opportunities. ADJUSTERS INSURANCE SCHOOL will prepare you to begin an exciting, fulfilling new career in as little as four months. Touch the tabs and begin the journey.

Why AIS ?

Adjusters Insurance School
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Mesa, Arizona, USA, 85203
Phone: 1-800-239-0441
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  • My aerospace job was a great career until I found myself on the street after budget cutbacks. The Adjusters Insurance School provided me with the intellectual skills that changed my life.

    William G.  Poway, CA
  • My contracting business was wearing me out. After years of lugging carpet rolls my knees were suffering. I'm glad I have my new insurance adjuster career where I can use more of my brain that my brawn.

    Keith W.  Seattle, WA
  • I completed the Adjusters' Insurance School after I had been involved with Claims Adjustment for a short time. The course gave me a more complete understanding of the basic principles of the insurance adjusting industry. Taking the course has greatly increased my knowledge.

    Cathy B.  Apache Junction, AZ
  • I appreciate the opportunity of taking this course. It is simple to learn. The lessons are succinct, easy to understand and provide progressively more interesting study of this fascinating field.

    Kristi  Indianapolis, IN
  • I work for an insurance company and wanted to move my career forward. I took this course to see what I knew and found many aspects of adjusting I did not know. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional adjuster.

    Joseph   Las Vegas, NV
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