The Professional Insurance Adjuster is called to action after the insurance company he/she represents has been notified by a policy holder of a loss. What the policy holder doesn’t realize is the insurance adjuster knows how good it feels, by virtue of fulfilling honestly, the terms of the insurance contract, to give total comfort and help to the claimant who has suffered legitimate loss. Adjusters know the calamity of life changing perils that can befall a person. They live it. They breathe it. This is what an insurance adjuster does. They help rebuild lives.


1. How does the AIS’s certificate of completion or graduation diploma help me get a job?

Once a graduate presents his/her certificate of graduation along with the course description and outline of subjects covered, to a potential employer, the ideal “positive first impression” has been achieved. Every potential employer looking for a qualified, knowledgeable candidate for employment in this field will be impressed with an applicant's successful completion of this course.
2. Where can I find out more about the field of insurance adjusting and the latest career opportunities in this field?

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is available through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can download specific information about the field of claims adjusting by going to the following link: http://www.bls.gov/oco/pdf/ocos125.pdf
3. How does Adjusters Insurance School compare in price to other online adjuster schools?

Most courses offered online are designed to teach you exclusively, how to pass a licensing exam. They are not a full comprehensive insurance adjuster course and they are expensive. Additionally, any on-site class or in-classroom course offering a full curriculum, is going to cost in the thousands of dollars. AIS is proud to offer the same, full comprehensive insurance adjuster course (as in-classroom schools), online and for a remarkably affordable price.
4. Does Adjusters Insurance School teach me to pass any state licensing exam?

Yes. All state licensing exams are made up of questions covering insurance adjusting, along with individual state insurance licensing laws and requirements. The AIS course covers all the essential information and vital knowledge required to answer questions pertaining to professional insurance adjusting. This information is not only fundamental in knowing this business, it is crucial to have when passing any state licensing exam. Every state licensing office will have copies of the laws and requirements for testing in your particular state. State Licensing Law Information can be found here: http://www.claimspages.com/documents/download/7001R.pdf
5. How long will it take me to complete the course?

The determining factor as to how long each student will take to complete the course is provisional upon the student's aptitude and their particular schedule. If a student works full time and comprehends the information quickly, depending on the lesson,could expect to complete one to three lessons a day. If the course is studied on a part time basis there is no certain way to determine how long the lessons would take to complete. There are 52 lessons in our course, some harder than others, finishing one lesson a day would take two months. We have students completing the course on average, in four months.


6. Do any of the AIS courses qualify for continuing education (CEU) credits?

The AIS courses are only registered for CEU Credits in Utah. Courses may be used for credits in other States depending on state continuing education requirements. Refer your state licensing office to our web site and it very well may allow our course to qualify for your CEU credit. Check with your desired state if AIS is an authorized course for CEU Credit.


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  • My aerospace job was a great career until I found myself on the street after budget cutbacks. The Adjusters Insurance School provided me with the intellectual skills that changed my life.

    William G.  Poway, CA
  • My contracting business was wearing me out. After years of lugging carpet rolls my knees were suffering. I'm glad I have my new insurance adjuster career where I can use more of my brain that my brawn.

    Keith W.  Seattle, WA
  • I completed the Adjusters' Insurance School after I had been involved with Claims Adjustment for a short time. The course gave me a more complete understanding of the basic principles of the insurance adjusting industry. Taking the course has greatly increased my knowledge.

    Cathy B.  Apache Junction, AZ
  • I appreciate the opportunity of taking this course. It is simple to learn. The lessons are succinct, easy to understand and provide progressively more interesting study of this fascinating field.

    Kristi  Indianapolis, IN
  • I work for an insurance company and wanted to move my career forward. I took this course to see what I knew and found many aspects of adjusting I did not know. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional adjuster.

    Joseph   Las Vegas, NV
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