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Memory Minder

Is the MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK a form to fill out? No! It is a comprehensive listing of items in a home which you can use to jog your memory to effect a fair insurance settlement. The compilation of all potential items in a home and in what particular room was no easy task! The MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK is an organized guide for household inventories. When used properly, this tool can make inventorying a entire household efficient and complete. The MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK has every room that would be in a home listed in the workbook. It then breaks down by room what items would generally be found in every household. Each page is set up with a description of the item, the quantity, the unit value, and the age. The description of each item is general. There is room to include items not on the list in every room and section. The MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK has a section for clothing and bedding that would be in the home. These are listed separately from each room. The clothing is broken down in Men's, Women's, Jewelry, Infants, and Juvenile. If there is a teen in the home the Men or Women's clothing list can be used for each teen in the home. It is important to note that the infant and juvenile list is not limited to clothing. There are other items on that list that could be found in a child's room. There are other lists in the MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK available to suit individual content inventory needs. Including Misc. Appliances, Sporting Equipment, Attic, Porch/Patio, Garage, Yard, Shed/Storage, Misc. When used properly this MEMORY GUIDE WORKBOOK can recreate an entire home's contents and it's worth.

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