is an online correspondence course developed to provide you with the knowledge and training needed to become a professional insurance adjuster. Whether a new student or needing a refresher course, AIS offers the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to put you on top of your game. AIS is not another "learn to take the test" course. We introduce you to the latest discovery techniques and field experience critical to become a sought after and qualified insurance adjuster. After passing the AIS course, you will be confidently prepared to take on any adjusting challenge, work as a consummate professional in the field and own the practical knowledge needed in preparation to pass your state licensing exam.


  • Is the most comprehensive correspondence course offered online.

  • Offers real "on the job" procedures and seasoned techniques not available elsewhere.

  • Offers vital knowledge to anyone, experienced or just starting out.

  • Is affordable for any budget . . . enables high earnings.

has produced 1000's of successful insurance adjusters. Adjusters who have experienced just how needed, respected and financially successful insurance adjusters are in today's world. Our graduates are successful and gainfully employed by major insurance companies, by collaborating with top insurance agencies on a contract basis, or by offering their services as public adjusters representing private clients.

ADJUSTERS INSURANCE SCHOOL complete course, individual lessons and /or eBooks are available anytime and anywhere in the United States. All you need is a computer, eBook program and the Internet. This course is perfect for your busy schedule.

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  • My aerospace job was a great career until I found myself on the street after budget cutbacks. The Adjusters Insurance School provided me with the intellectual skills that changed my life.

    William G.  Poway, CA
  • My contracting business was wearing me out. After years of lugging carpet rolls my knees were suffering. I'm glad I have my new insurance adjuster career where I can use more of my brain that my brawn.

    Keith W.  Seattle, WA
  • I completed the Adjusters' Insurance School after I had been involved with Claims Adjustment for a short time. The course gave me a more complete understanding of the basic principles of the insurance adjusting industry. Taking the course has greatly increased my knowledge.

    Cathy B.  Apache Junction, AZ
  • I appreciate the opportunity of taking this course. It is simple to learn. The lessons are succinct, easy to understand and provide progressively more interesting study of this fascinating field.

    Kristi  Indianapolis, IN
  • I work for an insurance company and wanted to move my career forward. I took this course to see what I knew and found many aspects of adjusting I did not know. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a professional adjuster.

    Joseph   Las Vegas, NV
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